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DOES THE PROCRASTINATION BULLY INFLUENCE YOU? Question yourself “am I continually delaying or postponing taking action?”   My procrastination bully starts screaming in my head telling me that I should really go and rearrange my book shelf before I start working, because if I don’t, I WILL become distracted while I’m working OR, if I don’t watch the last episode of Master Chef, I won’t be able to concentrate. And, so, I dutifully succumb. Sadly, the domino effect takes over and can seriously sidetrack and blow my plans for that day. Sound familiar? Well, don’t panic, procrastination is a complex, timeless and universal behaviour pattern and is real for many people including myself. It is a force that sidetracks your focus and prevents you from following through on your plans. Procrastination gurus such as Tim Urban suggest that some people may have a healthy relationship with deadlines and are more…

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