About Caroline

Where it all started..

Caroline’s career spans more than 35 years during which she enjoyed a successful 20-year career in stockbroking, almost entirely in information technology and project management. During preparation for her own thesis, for which she achieved distinction Caroline became aware of the significant failure rate plus high stress related to deadline extensions, experienced by those writing a thesis.


Corporate career
20+ years
Project management


Real estate


Psychology Honours (2012)
Addiction care (2015)
Masters in philosophy (2017)


Since 2018
130+ students
1300+ hours


Published June 2022



The Thesis Coach

In pursuit of a long-term teaching vocation, The Thesis Coach was formed as a business for academic performance coaching. It offers, through a unique methodology, individual mentoring, coaching and support for interested, ambitious students. Caroline developed The Dale Method from proven management techniques; several tertiary qualifications in psychology and evidenced based coaching theory.

Caroline’s commitment to improving her methodology to stay abreast of current theories and her natural interest in the science of human behaviour keep her inspired. She is also dedicated to health and wellness supported by a focus on good nutrition and daily walking.

Caroline holds a BA Hons Psychology (Unisa), BA Psychology (cum laude) (Unisa), PGDip Addiction Care (Stellenbosch), and an MPhil Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.


Submit your Thesis
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Submitting a good thesis is difficult but not impossible. Personally, I was unable to find a practical, useful methodology to guide me along my way. So, I created my own.