The Dale Method

6 – phase methodology 

1. Manage your time effectively
2. Making sacrifices and creating contracts
3. Learn to master the art of planning
4. Implementation and control (Motivation, discipline and routine)
5. Overcome psychological barriers
6. Make a realistic PACT with yourself: get clear direction and a commitment to act

My competitive edge

  • I achieved a distinction for my masters thesis – I’ve been on this journey.
  • 1000 hours as a mentor/ coach since 2014.
  • 60 postgraduate (PG) students successfully coached since 2018.
  • 90% graduated, 10% dropped out completely.
  • 15% of the students graduated distinction.
  • Numerous unsolicited testimonials attest to my track record.
  • Evidence-based theories support my methodology.
  • The South African coaching magazine publishes my articles.
  • I publish my own newsletter.

About Caroline

I enjoyed a successful 20-year career in stockbroking, entirely in IT project management. During preparation for my thesis, for which I achieved distinction, I noticed the significant failure rate plus high stress related to deadline extensions, experienced by peers.

In pursuit of a long-term teaching vocation, I formed a start-up business for academic performance coaching. I offer a unique methodology plus individual mentoring, coaching and support for interested, ambitious students.

I developed THE DALE METHOD from proven management techniques; several tertiary qualifications in psychology and evidenced based coaching theory. Many successful post graduate students have written to me to confirm the effectiveness of my program in helping them to graduate.

MPhil Management Coaching (USB), PGDip Addiction Care (Stellenbosch), BA Hons Psychology (Unisa), BA Psychology (cum laude) (Unisa)

As a PhD candidate in the field of Food Science, but having a study that also crosses into the realm of Social Sciences and Business Science, I found myself at a stage where I was struggling to maintain focus. Fear of failure in my ability to “bring it all together” was playing tricks with my mind. I decided to find some support and booked a two hour face-to-face session with Caroline in the hope of alleviating my stress and anxiety.

We counted the days I have left to my targeted graduation date, which forced some perspective. We discussed the power of planning, realistic routine, creating an inspiring workspace, and other techniques to manage my process. The session really helped me to re-engage with my work and to continue doing so daily.

Using thought-provoking questions, Caroline guided me towards shifting specific faulty thinking. I rediscovered what achieving this PhD means to me and how far I’ve already travelled. Although it is not done yet, she helped me to see that I have already had successes on my journey. I made a PACT with myself then and there to submit this year, park other projects that can wait, and grab all the support I can from my network.

I walked out of our session feeling relieved, confident, and motivated. If my story resonates with you – I highly recommend a chat with Caroline!

Melvi Todd

Innovation and Strategy Consultant , January 2021 - LinkedIn

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