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Do your habits define you?
Focus on your identity and not on the outcome The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit...
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Biologist in a forest
A piece from my own thesis written in 2017: To guide my analysis, the data for this study were used to...
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Creative crystal lens ball photography of a lake with greenery around at dawn
Reflection: My thesis journey
By Shireen Mukadam I had one formal coaching session with Caroline in December 2020. We were neighbours...
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Carbon Nautral, ESG Concepts
Thesis Writing: Doing Data Right
The middle of the academic year is always the time where students find themselves in a frenzy over just...
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Procrastination: it's all in your head
It’s a worldwide phenomenon and we’ve all been there. We know that certain tasks must be done, but instead,...
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How to Write a Winning Research Proposal
Writing a research proposal is a vital step in your thesis writing year.    Why is the Research...
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Success woman hiker hiking on sunrise mountain peak - Young woma
You are the Champion
Writing a thesis is a singular and solitary journey. You may well have the support from your family,...
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Stop Procrastinating and Write your Literature Review
The second chapter of your thesis is the literature review (LR), and it is this segment of the written...
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Your Thesis Year. Are You Ready?
Before you get properly stuck into writing your thesis, there’s an important action for you to take....
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Seeding plant on stone ground
Swapping Resolutions for Strategies
2020 turned our lives upside down and inside out and it’s not over yet. So, how do we make resolutions...
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What clients have to say

I was so fortunate to meet you Caroline at the start of embarking on the Masters in Management Coaching journey. You really helped to set me up with practical tips and methods and it continues to help carry me through these two years. I am in the process of writing up my findings and this being the last few months and the toughest I find, your inspiring posts and tips still continue to encourage me to do my best to complete this year. I am extremely lucky to have you as my coach and will continue knocking on your door.
Lesley-Ann Jantjies
Second degree connection E-Learning Specialist at Moonspin,