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I coach and mentor postgraduate students

towards timeous paper submission,

and pave the way for high academic performance and graduation.



Caroline – The Thesis Coach (TTC)

So, what is a Thesis Coach?


I attended one of Caroline’s workshops recently and the experience has impacted my professional development as well as my coaching practice. The course covered a lot of information which was delivered in a concise manner. The structure was clear and logical yet flexible to cater for the needs of the group. I found Caroline to be adept at  managing and facilitating the groups learning. She gave each individual space and opportunity to think, contribute, and learn from one another. I entered the workshop with no Coaching framework/model to speak of but I left with a clear framework and model. Caroline was superb at harnessing the collective of the group and her own personal experience enriched the process for me.                                                  


Lee-Ann Desai

Head of HR, Group Investment Platform



Many postgraduate candidates

fail to graduate

because they do not submit their thesis




Many more suffer prolonged periods of serious stress

related to years of delay in submitting their thesis

Some of the challenges:




Fear of failure

Obsession with perfection

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Are any or all of the above challenges

disrupting your progress towards graduation?


Are you struggling with the

transition from student to researcher?


Are the stresses of delayed progress killing you?

I understand all these challenges.

TTC is equipped

to help you succeed

and timeously submit


You don’t need to climb this mountain alone.