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YOU’RE IN A NIGHTMARE, overwhelmed by multiple, simultaneous challenges, you have NOWHERE to turn, YOU NEED COMPETENT HELP.

THE DALE METHOD has its roots in a successful 20-year business career in stockbroking and project management; first-hand experience of postgraduate academic challenges; evidence based psychological and coaching techniques; and several tertiary qualifications. Numerous enthusiastic testimonials from successful postgraduate students corroborate the value of THE DALE METHOD.


Implementing TheThesis Coach workshops into our programme was of great value to the Career division of our business school. Our students benefitted from 1:1 sessions that were specific to their context and were able to clear their path of any distractions and re-align their effort to complete their research assignments on time. It’s also an added benefit that Caroline knows about completing tertiary studies while being a full-time professional, a very daunting test in itself. As the workshop coordinator, I was grateful that Caroline was so willing to accommodate our participants’ academic schedules. I 100% recommend a consultation with her to anyone struggling with their academic-work-life balance.

Danielle Radloff

Senior Career Officer, July 2021 - LinkedIn

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