Many fail because they do not submit a thesis. More suffer prolonged periods of serious stress related to years of delay in completing their research.

Finish your thesis forever!

Where are you at?

-My draft submission deadline is ONLY 2 months away.
-I feel overwhelmed by multiple simultaneous challenges.
-I can’t prioritise these challenges.
-I have no one to turn to.
-I need urgent competent help.

-Midway through my thesis.
-I am stuck and demotivated.
-Incapacitated by loss of direction and procrastination.
-I must get a grip urgently.
-I need experienced, competent, qualified help.

-My research year has started.
-I am highly motivated to excel.
-I am committed to stay ahead of the game.
-I can benefit from a proven methodology and individual support.


How can I help you?

YOU’RE IN A NIGHTMARE, overwhelmed by multiple, simultaneous challenges, you have NOWHERE to turn, YOU NEED COMPETENT HELP.

THE DALE METHOD has its roots in a successful 20-year business career in stockbroking and project management; first-hand experience of postgraduate academic challenges; evidence based psychological and coaching techniques; and several tertiary qualifications. Numerous enthusiastic testimonials from successful postgraduate students corroborate the value of THE DALE METHOD.

The Dale Method

This 6-phase methodology addresses all the elements of postgraduate study resulting in the student feeling in control throughout the year.

These phases are not linear but cyclical and flexible in nature: the individual moves in and out of each phase depending on their immediate challenge.




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This book is an engaging and MUST read for anyone involved in writing research proposals and thesis writing. It is more than an indispensable step by step guide – it is energising, empathetic, motivational and authentic in navigating thesis writers through the very real emotional complexities that inevitably pop up during the course of writing a thesis.

Dr. Shirley Zinn, Chair and Independent non-Executive Director of Boards: Sanlam, MTN (SA), VNA and Spur Corporation.

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What clients have to say

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you again for participating in my research study and also for all your guidance and help throughout the year. It has been a very interesting journey so far. Not only as a research assignment, but personally as well. Your involvement and contribution was invaluable and I am excited to share my results with you soon. If you would like me to share the transcript of the interview with you, please let me know. I just wanted to thank you again for availing yourself and for sharing all your thoughts, experiences, beliefs and knowledge with me for my research. Thank you.
Hattingh Davel