Don’t be scared, just get used to it, you have to be your own project manager. You only have a limited amount of time and energy in any single day or week and you have to direct this towards your own, personal value-driven goals.

  1. Timeline for your future objective

What do you do everyday that gives you pleasure? What feeds your soul? You are unique, discover what you are best at and what you enjoy doing. Figure it out. And then get on with it.

  1. Daily routine is essential

Start your day with a routine that works best for you. Make this daily routine part of your project plan. This gets you going in the morning and helps you to focus. FFS, don’t set yourself up for failure within the first week because your plan includes outrageous stuff that you’ve tried before and just didn’t work e.g. going to the gym at 05h00.

  1. Weekly / daily action plan

Create a list that is super specific. The worst type of action plan to project manage is the one that is too vague e.g. “finish chapter 1”. What does that actually mean? Break it down into bite-sized chunks of work that are doable and that you find interesting. These actions must stimulate you enough to get you up and going in the morning.

I project manage myself as per the example below, I set major weekly tasks (that I highlight in grey once they’ve been achieved) and then specific daily tasks (that I highlight in yellow once complete). Highlighting each task gives me a great sense of achievement.

Milestone goals due by Friday March 31……………………………………………

  • Review all existing articles & re- organizing filing system
  • Plan meeting with Supervisor
  • More reading on theory – autoethnographies
  • Read chapter 4 and 5 “Creating Autoethnographies”

Monday 27th March

  • Ethical clearance approved today Monday 27th
  • Add reading into action plan for this week
  • Add research work into action plan for next 2 weeks
  • Email to supervisor regarding next visit

Tuesday 28th March

  • Research search for construct 1 – “coachability / coachability on its impact on coaching practices” / etc. etc.
  • Read chapter 3 – Health Behaviour and Health Education
  • Read chapter 1 – “A short history of nearly everything” – Bill Bryson
  • Quick overview of “Coaching for leadership”

Wednesday 29th March

  • Existing article search for construct 2 – “TTM / Stages of change / Self-efficacy / Decisional Balance” / + other variations
  • Re-filing.
  • Contact details James Prochaska?
  • Contact details DiClemente?
  • Read Epistemological Intimacy: A Move to Autoethnography
  • Writing everyday – did 45 minutes – whoo hoo.

Thursday 30th March

  • Existing article search for construct 3 – “Professional coaching / other variations”
  • Complete re-filing
  • Read “An Autoethnography on Learning about Autoethnography.”
  • Book “Girl Interrupted” – bought from Loot                                            
  • Complete chapter 4 “Autoethnographies”
  • Start chapter 5 “Autoethnographies”
  • Writing everyday – even if only 1 sentence.
  • 1st taped session with Client

Friday 31st March

  • Feedback from research consultant regarding chapter 1 – never happened.
  • Feedback from Supervisor regarding next visit
  • Research Atlas TI
  • Complete chapter 5 “Autoethnographies”
  • Begin email communication with participant 1




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