I was so fortunate to meet you Caroline at the start of embarking on the Masters in Management Coaching journey. You really helped to set me up with practical tips and methods and it continues to help carry me through these two years. I am in the process of writing up my findings and this being the last few months and the toughest I find, your inspiring posts and tips still continue to encourage me to do my best to complete this year. I am extremely lucky to have you as my coach and will continue knocking on your door.

Lesley-Ann Jantjies

Second degree connection E-Learning Specialist at Moonspin, May 2021 - LinkedIn

Caroline is such a great support in anyone’s study journey. I found her extremely resourceful and very supportive with great advice. Made all the difference to my studies to have her by my side. Would highly recommend her.

Liezl Davies

General Manager Organizational Services at Rössing Uranium Limite, May 2021 - LinkedIn

Caroline’s coaching style is unique in how she works with you as a client and creates a space for you to move forward. Doing a Masters or Doctoral degree is not easy when you have to handle life with the many roles you fulfil. Caroline’s coaching method helps you to make sense of the muddle in your head and you are able to find clarity and navigate through it with confidence. It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Caroline as my coach whilst completing my Masters degree.

Lesley Bam

Business and Leadership Coach and Facilitator, January 2021 - LinkedIn

As a PhD candidate in the field of Food Science, but having a study that also crosses into the realm of Social Sciences and Business Science, I found myself at a stage where I was struggling to maintain focus. Fear of failure in my ability to “bring it all together” was playing tricks with my mind. I decided to find some support and booked a two hour face-to-face session with Caroline in the hope of alleviating my stress and anxiety.

We counted the days I have left to my targeted graduation date, which forced some perspective. We discussed the power of planning, realistic routine, creating an inspiring workspace, and other techniques to manage my process. The session really helped me to re-engage with my work and to continue doing so daily.

Using thought-provoking questions, Caroline guided me towards shifting specific faulty thinking. I rediscovered what achieving this PhD means to me and how far I’ve already travelled. Although it is not done yet, she helped me to see that I have already had successes on my journey. I made a PACT with myself then and there to submit this year, park other projects that can wait, and grab all the support I can from my network.

I walked out of our session feeling relieved, confident, and motivated. If my story resonates with you – I highly recommend a chat with Caroline!

Melvi Todd

Innovation and Strategy Consultant , May 2021 - LinkedIn

One of the best decisions I made last year was hiring Caroline as my Thesis coach. She was instrumental in me completing my thesis. Her insightful coaching guided me through this journey. What I appreciated most was that she was a safe harbour through some rough periods. Providing support and care both personally and professionally. I would recommend her both as a coach, but also because she is a person that I can trust.
Christine Wilke

Strategic Leader, Coach & Change Catalyst, January 2021 - LinkedIn

Caroline has been instrumental in the completion of my Master’s research study. Her comprehensive coaching style and insightful feedback kept me consistent in my writing and helped me overcome the challenges of writing an academic research paper. She is an astute, patient and very a resourceful coach, and I recommend you get in touch with her for your academic journey. Thank you, Caroline Dale, for the invaluable contribution to my research project.
Ndaitavela Nghaamwa

Risk and Compliance Officer, Namibia Airports Company, December 2020 - LinkedIn

Caroline got me out of the starting blocks with a combination of her expertise, optimism and down to earth practical tools and suggestions. Her coaching presence invokes a state of ease, fosters a connection and left me energised to take action after each session. Thank you Caroline for your very important contribution to my completion of my masters research project.
Richard Forbes

Founder, EPA Partners, November 2020 - LinkedIn

I’m extremely lucky to have had Caroline to myself for two days before lockdown. Even luckier, I recorded everything she told me. Caroline is one of those people that give you a huge dose of confidence, enthusiasm and optimism. Her tips on sticking to schedules and deadlines are not only practical, she even makes it fun. As you go through your day you feel your self-esteem grow as you tick off tasks. Caroline is the best tonic, I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Nicole Broome

Wordflow (Pty) Ltd, May 2020 - LinkedIn

To my research and personal coach since day 1 at USB, Caroline Dale, for her practical guidance and encouragement not only in support of this dissertation but also throughout the MPhil programme. Caroline has been a true blessing, so flexible, so accommodating, so eager to step in and help, so forgiving! Great sparring partner and coach.


Amaresh Ramlugan

CEO, The Concreate Agency

Caroline is such a great support in anyone’s study journey. I found her extremely resourceful and very supportive with great advice. Made all the difference to my studies to have her by my side. Would highly recommend her.
Liezl Davies

General Manager , Uranium Limited, May 2020 - LinkedIn

Caroline helped me to think through the practical academic/work/life steps I now need to take to get my dissertation to D O N E. Her positive energy, practical project management insights, academic and work/ life experience made a big difference. And we laughed!.
Venessa Otto-Mentz

October 2019 - LinkedIn

I attended one of Caroline’s workshops recently and the experience has impacted my professional development as well as my coaching practice. The course covered a lot of information which was delivered in a concise manner. The structure was clear and logical yet flexible to cater for the needs of the group. I found Caroline to be adept at  managing and facilitating the groups learning. She gave each individual space and opportunity to think, contribute, and learn from one another. I entered the workshop with no Coaching framework/model to speak of but I left with a clear framework and model. Caroline was superb at harnessing the collective of the group and her own personal experience enriched the process.
Lee-Ann Desai

Head of HR, Group Investment Platform

Caroline was a true source of inspiration as a coach. Every minute spent receiving coaching from her was a cherished moment. She has the faculty of making you feel like you can give the best of yourself. I come from Mauritius where coaching is fairly nascent, and having a guide, mentor and coach like Caroline, engaging with her via Skype and meeting her physically in Cape Town, was for me a great support and fantastic way to overcome that challenge as I progress in my coaching journey. As she guided me towards developing my own coaching model CIGARE (an integration of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model & GROW), the journey all of a sudden unexpectedly became exciting. Thank you for illuminating my path Caroline.
Amaresh Ramlugan

CEO , The Concreate Agency, July 2019 - LinkedIn

Caroline helped me gain clarity on the direction my research needed to go and provided me with much needed encouragement and push (equal parts!). She is a very understanding coach who is able to grasp the people problems of thesis writing and to guide the candidate accordingly. Even without having an in-depth background in the topic I’m perusing she is able to point out the key aspects and guide the focus to the right places. I wholeheartedly endorse Caroline as a coach, a mentor, and as someone you can rely on to keep you on track.
Grant Ongers

Global Board of Directors at OWASP Foundation | CTO Secure Delivery, June 2019 - LinkedIn

You are the most generous and abundant soul. Thank you for your help, guidance and support.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all that I have learnt from you. (October 2018)
Nandi Scorer

Senior management

As a coach who has the experience and understands the nuances of being employed fulltime, studying part time, having the responsibilities of a mother and of course everyday life – Caroline Dale is my favorite go-to person. Unlike other coaches I have worked with, she makes me feel completely at ease during our sessions. She doesn’t judge and she doesn’t claim to have a “magic wand” . She allows me to be me during the sessions. 

Caroline has the ability to tap into my brain and provoke my thinking. She gets me to work by helping me unlock and detangle my thoughts that limit my progress. She gets me focused and helps me remember WHY I have embarked on this particular journey. After a session with Caroline I see the various aspects and dimensions of my life in a much clearer perspective. She understands the pressures that come with being a Masters student. 

Her corporate experience and professional qualifications allow Caroline to have real meaningful insights into the challenges that I currently experience. While working with her, it is obvious that she has a passion for coaching her clients to success. The take home tasks and exercises she suggests, indicate that she continuous to develop herself in order to stay relevant. With Caroline as part of my support structure, I am confident that I will complete this Masters within the allocated timeframe.

While there are many coaches out there for you to choose from, I suggest that you make contact with Caroline before making a decision. It will be a thought provoking experience.


LinkedIn September 2018

You are a reflection of the people you make time to hang out with.” Not to sure who said this but it makes sense, and so yesterday, with this quote in mind, I checked out the universe and look at my priorities and decided to hang out and hang in there with Caroline -The Thesis coach. She took us on a journey of what needs to be done to get to Graduationville. Laying the scaffolding, planning the route, being mindful of the potholes, and getting out of your own way, is all part of the thesis journey. My deadline to submit my thesis is next year-IA(God-Willing). However, having one incomplete Masters -everything but the thesis (EBTT) regrets, to my name I am unwillingly to repeat this saga. Thus I donned my superwoman cape-and you are definitely a superwoman if you do not repeat your mistakes and get help – went to the coaching workshop, putting down non-negotiable dates on my 2019 calendar, getting my head around my own sabotaging habits and strengthening my “do it” muscle. If you struggling with that %#*! Thesis, I will suggest you give Caroline a call.


Facebook September 2018

I was engaged as Caroline’s coach, as part of the completion of her Masters Degree in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Caroline has a wealth of experience in the business world and a proven track record in entrepreneurial initiatives, that has equipped her with strong business acumen. What however stood out for me during the period of working with Caroline, is her passion and drive for personal development. She engaged her own journey of personal and professional development with tremendous energy and drive; and from discussions about coaching sessions that she conducted with clients as part of her training, it was clear that she delivered these same qualities to those that she coached. She has the ability to draw on a wide frame of reference and has a natural and healthy curiosity and hunger for learning. These qualities bring an authenticity to Caroline’s coaching style, that will serve to engage her clients and will motivate them toward getting the most out of coaching sessions with her. With the establishment of her coaching practice, The Thesis Coach, Caroline has uniquely identified the very real need that postgraduate students have for not only a thinking partner to support them through their somewhat lonely journey – but also the need for personal and professional growth that goes with postgraduate studies. It is very satisfying to see how she has found her personal and professional niche and I wish her and all her future clients “bon voyage”!

Niel (Caroline's Mentor)

LinkedIn August 2018

I worked intensively with Caroline during her Masters program in Management Coaching and she is an astute and perceptive coach, who works tirelessly toward meeting the objectives of the client – and her own professional standards.


Facebook August 2018

Caroline is one of the most honest and “What You See Is What You Get” people I worked with. She is thoughtful and excelled at coaching, specifically in an academic setting. Her input helped me in my academic and coaching journey, and I can highly recommend her as The Thesis Coach


LinkedIn May 2018

Caroline is a very talented and intelligent coach with loads of energy to help her clients through any kind of challenge. I can definitely recommend her services


Facebook February 2018

Caroline Dale is an excellent communicator and coach. She is extremely adept at organizing and expressing complex material in a logical and accessible manner. She pays great attention to detail, is a good motivator and is highly organized. She is always positive and her work ethic is most inspiring


Facebook February 2018

“Thinking Coaching Models” group coaching session held at Krysal Beach Hotel, Gordons Bay, 14 November 2018.

Sonya Van Wyk

Metropolitan Health

A personal story proving that mind over matter is indeed a phenomena that can change your life for better.

Caroline Dale

The Thesis Coach

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