Depth Work

Depth Work

“I know what I need to do. I just don’t know how to do it.”

Do you find this gap?

I believe it’s all about focus.

My personal quest for some years has been to spend more time doing deep work – complete focus. For me, that translates into writing: blogs, articles, journal, social media posts, newsletter editorials, and more recently, my first book. It could of course be any art form and for my clients, it’s about doing their thesis.

I have discovered certain disciplines that keep me motivated:

➜ Committing to one hour a day by zooming into a daily Writers’ Hour. (Research by KA Ericsson on “Deliberate Practice” suggests that intense concentration for a novice is approximately one hour and for experts e.g. elite violinists, approximately four hours per day.)

➜Keeping a scoreboard of my hours.

➜ Confirmation of my wildly important goal – why this is an unquestionable priority for me.

➜Rest – retreat from the world of busyness and give my brain the opportunity to rebuild.

But, despite the power of these disciplines, I am prone to being sidetracked and procrastinate.

As a current or past student, what disciplines keep you motivated? Or not? I would appreciate understanding your challenges and behaviours.

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