Your Challenges


It’s very very late

  • My draft submission deadline is ONLY 2 months away.
  • I feel overwhelmed by multiple simultaneous challenges.
  • I can’t prioritise these challenges. 
  • I have no one to turn to. 
  • I need urgent competent help.

What do I do?


I’m losing control

  • Midway through my thesis.
  • I am stuck and demotivated.
  • Incapacitated by loss of direction and procrastination.
  • I must get a grip urgently.
  • I need experienced, competent, qualified help.

What do I do?


I’m being proactive not reactive

  • My research year has started.
  • I am highly motivated to excel.
  • I am committed to stay ahead of the game.
  • I can benefit from a proven methodology and individual support.

What do I do?

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