What do I do?

The Outcomes

Three programs – the process of each program will be determined based on your unique requirements.

  • The Intensive Emergency Program
  • The Get-A Grip Program
  • The Proactive versus Reactive Program
  • Access to one-on-one live coaching and mentoring sessions.
  • A populated year planner to submission date.
  • A list of sacrifices and contracts to implement.
  • Tips, techniques, and advice as you navigate chapters 1 through 5.
  • Acknowledgement and management of challenges.
  • A realistic PACT with yourself: clear direction and a commitment to act.
  • The process:

    • The process of each program will be determined based on your unique requirements.
    • THE DALE METHOD will be applied at every session.
    • All programs begin with an initial discovery and critical path discussion.
    • Your timetable and working plan are discussed in each session.
    • Challenges and obstacles are discussed as needed.

    The Price:

    • Three session options are available and larger package prices are negotiable.

       Please contact for more information.

    Caroline’s coaching style is unique in how she works with you as a client and creates a space for you to move forward. Doing a Masters or Doctoral degree is not easy when you have to handle life with the many roles you fulfil. Caroline’s coaching method helps you to make sense of the muddle in your head and you are able to find clarity and navigate through it with confidence. It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Caroline as my coach whilst completing my Masters degree.
    Lesley Bam

    Business and Leadership Coach and Facilitator, January 2021 - LinkedIn

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