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Monthly Archives: July 2022

A piece from my own thesis written in 2017: To guide my analysis, the data for this study were used to identify themes appropriate to my overarching research aim. The six phases of thematic analysis, based on the work of Braun and Clarke (2006), served to guide my analysis. Firstly, this is because thematic analysis is relatively easy to learn, is flexible enough to be applied across a wide range of theoretical frameworks, and is beneficial as a rudimentary method for the following reasons: (1) it can be applied to a wide range of research questions; (2) it can be used to analyse diverse data types; (3) it can be applied to large or small data sets; and (4) it is able to produce either data or theory-driven analyses (Clarke & Braun, 2013). Secondly, according to Burnard and colleagues (2008), thematic analysis is considered the most used method of data analysis in qualitative research:…

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