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Academic writing can lead to some headaches when it comes to hyphenation.   It makes sense for you to check on them before using them but here are a few hectic hyphens that I have encountered: General Ongoing is one word. It has never been hyphenated.  This was news to me as I’ve always hyphenated it and never been corrected? Counterproductive is one word. Expression before noun Well established OR well-established? The approach is well established OR it is a well-established approach.  Use the hyphen when the expression occurs before the noun it modifies.       2. Work related OR work-related? “Work related” is a compound adjective and whether or not you should use a hyphen depends on where it is located in the sentence.  Once again, if it appears before the word it modifies, include a hyphen.   Read more about grammar gremlins and you may find my own…

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