The Dale Method

When you begin

your postgraduate degree, you commit to submitting a thesis at the required standard before you graduate. Failure to submit a thesis on time results in prolonged periods of misery and serious stress because of years of delay in completing this project.

Submitting a good thesis is difficult but not impossible. Personally, I was unable to find a practical, useful methodology to guide me along my way. So, I created my own.

As your academic year begins, the assignments, activities, or the thesis itself will cause you to struggle. You will have setbacks and disappointments, but you will experience feelings of achievement and success if you put in the work and seek help when you need it.

The most crucial action you can take right now is to reorient your mindset and get your systems in place. This will be the foundation from which your planning will evolve.

Many times, in my practice as a coach, I’ve watched students with the appropriate systems and daily habits succeed beyond their own expectations. Many of their peers who push back against planning and working in discrete, incremental sections, struggle to stay afloat from day one.

The task of writing your thesis is the proverbial banquet that you can’t consume at a single sitting. No matter how smart you are, I assure you, there is no way to get the best result without breaking the project down into logical, manageable sections. This approach precipitated the synthesis of The Dale Method. 

The Methodology

This 6-phase methodology addresses all the elements of postgraduate study resulting in the student feeling in control throughout the year:

(1) Supervisor relations
(2) Topic choice 
(3) Thesis process – five chapters
(4) Project management
(5) Writing and editing
(6) Psychological challenges and wellbeing.

These phases are not linear but cyclical and flexible in nature: the individual moves in and out of each phase depending on their immediate challenge.

Submit your Thesis
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Submitting a good thesis is difficult but not impossible.