Essay hooks
Calling all #postgraduate students: a vital component of effective essay/thesis writing is to captivate...
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Don't give up now!
Calling all #postgraduate students. If you are due to submit your draft or final #thesis anytime soon,...
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The research process
Writing a thesis/dissertation is overwhelming at the best of times. The research proposal combines your...
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Find your super power!
Find your Proactive Superpower! If your #thesis or #dissertation year commences in 2022, instead of just contemplating this...
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Top tips to deliver a polished thesis
Calling all #postgraduate students who are striving towards their thesis submission for 2021. It is always...
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If your #thesis, #phd, #mba, or any other #postgraduate qualification is of high value during this phase...
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You must focus on the process
Just a reminder: when you’re working on the analysis phase of your hashtag#thesis, keep your process...
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Data collection and analysis
I am not an expert in research or methodology, but I know how to follow a process. When you embark on...
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What is your desired outcome?
On the final page of my coaching agreement, I ask my client to paint, draw, write, or whatever they feel...
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Procrastination, its all in your head
 The results of a recent poll I presented on LinkedIn revealed that stumbling down internet rabbit holes,...
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What clients have to say

I was so fortunate to meet you Caroline at the start of embarking on the Masters in Management Coaching journey. You really helped to set me up with practical tips and methods and it continues to help carry me through these two years. I am in the process of writing up my findings and this being the last few months and the toughest I find, your inspiring posts and tips still continue to encourage me to do my best to complete this year. I am extremely lucky to have you as my coach and will continue knocking on your door.
Lesley-Ann Jantjies
Second degree connection E-Learning Specialist at Moonspin,