The blues

The blues


The lyrics of blues songs usually lament some form of life challenge.

The challenges to submitting a successful #thesis on time are very real. Over 50% of #postgraduate students in any year are on a thesis extension. Many of these may not submit and consequently fail.

The key to success is to ditch lamentation, avoid the associated blues, and project manage your thesis. Step one is to plan the process in detail and divide it into discrete, manageable sections. The foundation is a robust topic choice and a strong supervisor relationship: both your responsibility.

This is followed by writing and editing the five chapters of your work: (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) methodology, (4) analysis and findings, and (5) conclusion.

It is important to acknowledge, understand, and manage your own psychological barriers and the phased approach of project management. This will deliver interim achievement and success which in turn heightens motivation as you progress.

“Motivation kills lamentation and dispels the thesis blues.”