Procrastination, its all in your head

Procrastination, its all in your head

 The results of a recent poll I presented on LinkedIn revealed that stumbling down internet rabbit holes, coming in at 71%, ranks as the chief of #procrastination behaviour.

And this certainly rings true because my specific cohort of connections and followers belong in the field of #postgraduatestudies and #thesiswriting: the field that demands searching for colossal amounts of research; that which requires the internet: the rabbit hole that potentially derails you horribly from your mission.

Right now, feedback from my clients’ is that procrastination is rearing its ugly head, as usual, but possibly more so at this time of year: tired, worn-out, demotivated, stuck, scared, overwhelmed no balance, and all the other challenges we face doing a postgraduate qualification.

REMEMBER: “Random internet browsing sucks the life from your productivity and generates guilt. And then, the treacherous spiral of wasting precious time starts.”

The article below may provide some help? Yours in avoiding rabbit holes.