Find your super power!

Find your super power!

Find your Proactive Superpower!

If your #thesis or #dissertation year commences in 2022, instead of just contemplating this mammoth task, be proactive, and start your journey towards academic success. As a courageous crusader, take some action to create stability and control before your stress levels rise and anxiety creeps in.

Over the past 4 years, I have mentored and coached almost 100 postgraduate students. Without a doubt, those who chose to be proactive at the beginning of the year submitted on time and, more importantly, enjoyed the ride (mostly).

How would you feel if one year from now nothing had changed for you? Imagine that feeling to be stuck and frozen in time, like a rabbit frozen in headlights. To recognize that you need to make a change either in your behavior or thinking to achieve your ambitions is the precursor to becoming proactive.

Not only will making plans today give you a head start, being proactive gives you the benefit of identifying and capturing opportunities. You’ll be able to detect and avert potential obstacles and formulate an effective roadmap towards your desired outcome. Which, in this case, will be 2022 graduation day.

Whoever or whatever you choose (online courses, mentor, coach, triad, alumnus, friend, or family support) make a strategic choice, right now, to change your trajectory and discover the feeling of achievement and success.