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What is a Thesis Coach?

What is a Thesis Coach?

Research suggests that many postgraduate candidates fail to earn their degree because they do not submit their thesis. 

And, many more suffer prolonged periods of serious stress related to years of delay in completing their research. 

Would a Thesis Coach help? 

In my view, a Thesis Coach focusses specifically on postgraduate students, specifically those navigating the thesis phase of their qualification.  A Thesis Coach provides the following services through individual one-on-one coaching sessions:

  • Coaching to evaluate the client’s highest priority values to understand and determine the level of commitment to their topic choice.  Usually, a specific highest value drives the topic choice, which in turn, drives and motivates the process towards thesis completion.
  • Coaching to incorporate proven and practical project management techniques for goal setting and planning.  This will support the client to establish control over their own process and to manage work/life/thesis balance.
  • Coaching to ascertain the most effective routine/s for the client to manage their own discipline and hence their motivation.
  • Coaching to support the client through unpacking and managing common psychological challenges that cause barriers to achieve objectives: e.g. procrastination, fear of failure, self-doubt, addictive behavior, obsession with perfection, amongst others.
  • To highlight motivational techniques to stimulate high quality work and progress towards completion.
  • To provide a combination of coaching, mentoring and teaching depending on the unique requirements of the client.


DO YOU AGREE? What other offerings do you suggest?